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Bonjour mes amis!

I’m Amber and I’ll be your tour guide this evening.

The first thing I do when I visit a blog is check out the about me page.  Who is this person?  What are their likes, beliefs?  Are we going to spend a lot of time talking about fashion?  Or shall we talk about books, video games, and all things geek?  If it’s the latter – I’m down!  Lets do this thing!

I’m a 30 year old from New England.  I live in the sticks and when I was a kid, that totally sucked.  Now, I love it. It is so so nice to be able to take walk at night and see the stars.  Highly recommend.


A brief summary of all things unimportant.

See that girl in the middle looking generally like this picture is the most ridiculous thing in the world?  Yeah, that’s me.  That photo was taken a week after college graduation by my boyfriend-at-the-time’s mum and I was not into that.  Also my hat mysteriously went missing, because, um, nope.

I graduated college in 2011 with a BA in History.  As far as career moves go, this major was a terrible plan.  Especially since I minored in Writing and not something practical like Economics!  Nonetheless, I have no regrets!  I’m very passionate about both history and writing and I really enjoyed school.  I was a member of the National Honors Society and Phi Alpha Theta (History Honors Society), so that’s why I’m in pretty colors instead of gold.  Yeah, I’m one of those nerds that loved school.

After school, I got very good at explaining to potential employers why a major in History had practical applications, and after a few unfortunate stints in retail while I bided my time, I landed where I am now – as a team lead for the imaging department of a finance company.  While it isn’t my passion, I really love the company I work for and the people I work with and I intend to stay there for a while.

In the meanwhile, I pursue my passions on the weekends.


The things that really matter

In 2015, I married the love of my life (#sap) in a small wedding surrounded by old friends and our family.  I had the three best bridesmaids I could have asked for and I love them all to pieces.  For our honeymoon, we went on a cruise to Bermuda!  It was my first time on a cruise AND leaving the country, and I am a big fan.

I’m not a fancy person, I can tell you that right now.  My wedding dress, for example?  Super simple, made by a friend.  I’ve always had my own totally unfashionable style.  I love leather jackets and tank tops and long flowy boho skirts paired with gemstone jewelry and ridiculously tall platform heels.  I’m a mascara and bright red lipstick kind of girl.  My favorite, completely unwearable pair of shoes is a pair of light-up high heels I found in a thrift store for $6.  They’re too tight and impractical and I had to have them because, OMG, they light up.

I try to live every day being, unapologetically, myself.  I spent years trying to be the “perfect” person – perfect daughter, perfect student, perfect employee, and I’m done trying to fit myself into a mold.  I have absolutely no sense of style, I like to dress up for movie premieres and Renaissance Fairs.  Also Halloween!  I read furiously and there’s always a story in my head.  I’ve been a reader for as long as I can remember, and I started writing when I was in fourth grade… and just never stopped.  My coolest job ever was teaching Improv theatre to high schoolers and I loved it furiously and wish I could have spent my life doing just that.  I adore theatre and performed a lot with my college’s Shakespeare Players then later with a local town troupe.

I love photography, but I’m just a hobbyist.  My favorite photographs are of abandoned amusement parks, and anything by Lissy Elle Laracchia.  I play Pokemon Go, and it’s great because I wasn’t able to join the hype as a kid, and now I finally can!  I love western martial arts (sword-fighting) but unfortunately have stopped practicing since there are no clubs anywhere near I live.

I have two cats that I adore.  Their names are Sir Reginald and Lady Elizabeth and they are sweet and ridiculous, respectively.  I’m allergic to horses, and it breaks my heart because I would love to learn how to ride.  I can play almost any woodwind instrument, but not particularly well.  If I could go back in time, I would have asked for piano lessons as a kid.  I adore classic rock, showtunes, and the soundtrack to Pirate of the Caribbean:  The Curse of the Black Pearl.  I like to cook… sometimes.  Sometimes I might share a Secret Ninja Recipe, but those are few and far between.  I’m more likely to give you a History Lesson.

I believe we never stop learning, and it’s okay to act like a kid sometimes.  When I grow up, I want to be a writer.  J’adore les langues and I tend to use un peu of French when it suits me, although I’m only fluent enough to ask where the bathroom is and ask a person if they like grapefruit (Je regrette, je n’aime pas le pamplemousse).  Whenever I talk about myself or my life on the blog, I use the tag:  The Lady Behind the Curtain.  If you want to learn more about me, that’s the place to look.


It’s a pleasure to meet you!

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27 responses to “About Me

  1. I love when people’s “About” pages actually contain some information! I understand that some people like to be a bit more guarded with their information, and that’s fine, but it’s great to feel like you’ve learned about someone and can connect with them, before really diving into what they think of books and life (Wait, aren’t those the same things?)

    • Amber

      I’ve never been a particularly private person, which certainly helps with blogging, I think. I agree – I respect and support everyone’s privacy, but I figure… I want to know the PEOPLE more than the subject matter. Because the subject may pique my interest, but it’s the bloggers themselves that keep me coming back. 🙂

      Thanks for swinging by!

    • Amber

      Thank you! I always read the About Me pages on a new blog, but I’ve always struggled to write my own. Last year I stumbled across a blog post about building the page, and I went all in. Even went through old Facebook photos! XD

    • Amber

      Okay, being obnoxious with a second reply.

      HECK YES we would be friends IRL. I actually wanted to comment on your About Me page last week and I just went back to reread it and remembered why. We have similar jobs, we are both INFJ, and if you live near lots of cabbage then I’m guessing also country girls? Not to mention the Harry Potter pun at the end of your intro is #winning.

      I’d’ve written all this on your About Me page, but comments aren’t allowed *weeps*.

      • I always love meeting fellow INFJs, we are quite a rare breed but I seem to know more INFJs through blogging than anywhere else. Yes, I’m definitely a country girl, born and raised. I love the space and fresh air, the freedom to roam wherever I want and perhaps not bump into a single person. I don’t know why I had comments turned off for pages, but I’ve fixed it now. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Rae

    Hi Amber!

    Looking to reach out for an interview or guest post to feature on my blog if you are interested!

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Amber

      Hi Rae! Thanks so much for the offer!

      Unfortunately, I’m struggling to write up posts and keep my own blog on schedule at the moment, but I appreciate the offer. I hope you’re able to find lots of guest writers! <3

  3. We share a BA, haha! I also majored in history and minored in writing (well, English, but it was mainly writing classes). Luckily I had worked in my college library all of undergrad, so with that experience I was able to get a decent job at another academic library once I graduated. I always really hated the condescending comments about my major, though. Or the, “So, are you gonna teach?” Like, there’s such a misunderstanding about the capabilities of liberal arts majors and their applications.

    Anyway, I love the layout of your site (and the content, of course!), and I’m glad I stumbled across it! (Thanks to you I also discovered that I can add websites manually into my Followed Sites here on WordPress, ha! For someone who has been using the site for nearly two years, I know so little about it…)

    • Amber

      Hey, glad to help! 😉 I also add sites manually all the time!

      I love love love my major, but yeah, apparently the only things I’m allowed to do with my life are museums and teach? That is, until you ask the museums or schools, and then they’re very much “where is your education degree” and “oh no you need a masters sorry”. Pfft.

      I wish I had been a bit smarter with my in-school opportunities. My internship was wonderful, but absolutely non-practical career-wise and I worked retail FT during college to pay my way through, so I didn’t give myself career-relevant experience, and because of work commitments, I missed opportunities to make connections. I landed on my feet okay, but I’m definitely not in the field I’d like! 😛 Oh well, I’m still young (28 is still young, right?).

      Welcome to TLP, glad to have you here! 😀 😀 😀

  4. You’re About Me is fantastic! I love it! Mine on my website is pretty plain. I really wasn’t sure what to include, but yours has given me some ideas on how I can spruce mine up.

    I’m an author instead of a blogger. I have a Characters page on my site where my characters from my first novel introduce themselves. And while much shorter for each character, I took this same approach of letting their personalities shine forth. I need to do that for my About Me page, though. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Also, I’m completely guilty of having a lot of books on the bookshelf that are waiting to be read!

    • Amber

      How Dawn! Thank you for your feedback. Baum is certainly on my to-do list, along with others like Emily Duncan, Mackenzi Lee, and Mark Twain. As I noted on the landing page for the Problematic Authors list, the list will continue evolve and grow and I go through my own bookshelf and as unfortunately new incidents appear, the list will be updated accordingly. Thank you for the link – I will definitely reference it when I get to Baum!

    • Amber

      Thanks Steff, I’m glad you enjoy it! I will certainly keep her in mind as the page continues to grow. 🙂