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The book blogging community is such an amazing, supportive group of people.  Since you’re here, would you consider checking out some amazing blogs?


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BLUSHING BIBLIOPHILEPAPER FURYForever and Everly Blots of Ink and Words


Some of my favorites without blog buttons!

If you’re on this list and you make a button, lemme know! <3

Howling Libraries // Alison’s Wonderland Recipes // The Bandar Blog // The Writing Hufflepuff // Books Like Wolves // Laughing Listener


Please Note

I don’t do button swaps.

If you like my blog and want to grab my button, thank you and I love you.  If I like your blog, I’ll do the same!  In addition, if you’re listed on this page and don’t have my button that’s totally fine.  I wanted to showcase some of my favorite bloggers and expect nothing in return.