Ashes to Ashes

It’s been a long time since there’s been a proper war.

For the last four hundred years, Salem has been a sleepy town.  Tourists flood in and out again, but the old fear of witches has subsided to a manageable few.  After all, it’s hard for the inhabitants of Salem to cry, “Witch, witch!” when one in every hundred children born in the last fifty years displays some sort of supernatural ability.

It’s this reason that Salem seems ripe for a little mischief.  When a goddess of war descends upon the town, determined to break the peace, she does not plan to drown the town’s inhabitants in blood.  But even the best laid plans of goddesses can go awry.  Left with no allies and few options, she turns to witches of Salem to rein in her monster before the town is devoured by the fires of a wrathful god and his twisted tricks.

Will they be enough to lock the beast back in its cage?



Charlotte Van Caelen – A sweet, quiet college freshman with the ability to control electrical currents.

Wilhelmina Tepes – A passionate and political college freshman, Char’s best friend since childhood, with the ability to feed off emotions.

Elena Wright – Charlotte’s grandmother, one of a coven of three who guides the girls against this unseen evil.

Elias Abraham – Senator and the man who has spearheaded the Prop 3 campaign and who will do whatever it takes to purge the country of witches.

Jordan Park – The ghostly haunt of Elena’s home, who loves to bake and hear about the world, but refuses to speak of his own death.

Mary Van Caelen – Charlotte’s younger sister, who is hiding secrets of her own.

Morrigan – The goddess fighting for her own life, and to control the war that is coming.


WIP Status:  Just Beginning – 11/19/17

I’ve been struggling to get started on Ashes to Ashes because there are so many ways I can take this story and I’m still working out which paths I want to take and where I want to end up.  I know how I want my characters to change and grow, but I’m not sure where I want them to be… if that makes any sense.

As if of writing this, I’ve written and scrapped the first chapter twice because it was stalled… just… wrong.  This third writing I’ve tried a different angle and it seems to be working, but it’s not perfect and slow going.  First drafts are the worst.



I do like to talk about my WIPs and sometimes even make fake covers for them.  Additionally, I love using my various worlds in the Fifteen Minute Ficlets weekly meme, so if you want to read a little more about these characters and my progress, check out the links below.

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