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The Stats Problem

The Stats Problem

Posted September 28, 2018 in Blogging, Memes // 8 Comments

I am one of those bloggers that can’t stop looking at her stats. Really.  When I click to get to my dashboard, I go though the main site and click the bar graph for stats on my WordPress top bar to get to the backend stuff.  Every single time I visit my blog, whether to reply to comments, update something behind the scenes, or write a new post… I look at my stats. It’s a terrible habit, but one I’m not alone in doing. I think that our obsession with statistics directly correlates with our cultural need to define our success […]

How I Blog, What I Blog, and When I Blog

How I Blog, What I Blog, and When I Blog

Posted September 21, 2018 in Blogging // 5 Comments

Blogging is a lot of responsibility, and in order to keep up with scheduling posts and be consistent, bloggers need a method.  I don’t know many who just pop on and say “I feel like writing a post today!”.  There’s a plan – from how often we post to what we post and the very structure of our posts. I’ve been teasing that I would do a post like this for an eternity.  I love reading about the different ways bloggers organize themselves, just in case I can make an improvement to my system.  There’s a few different aspect organizing my […]

The Art of Being Genuine on My Blog

The Art of Being Genuine on My Blog

Posted June 1, 2018 in Blogging, Memes // 21 Comments

One of the challenges most bloggers are faced it throughout their blogging career is the presentation of their blog.  Your blog layout is your face to your readers, and your content bares your soul.  For any of my followers who joined this merry band of renegades last spring, you’ll know I’ve gone through three or four layout changes in that time.  It was so bad that I actually made it one of my 2018 goals not to change my layout again.  And I’ve been good, for the most part. Making sure your blog is everything you want it to be is […]

Happy New Years!  Blog Resolutions.

Happy New Years! Blog Resolutions.

Posted January 1, 2018 in Blogging // 9 Comments

Here’s it is again, by beautiful monsters!  That time of year where we look at the bright, sparkly future and dream of everything we could be, everything we want to be, and resolve that we will become that bright better person. Small confession?  I loathe New Years Resolutions.  I feel like I’m seeing myself up to fail.  Besides, who needs to wait until New Years to be a better person?  Still, it feels like a fresh page.  A new start. A “maybe I can do something for a full twelve months!” moment.  So while I may not promise to change my […]

Let’s Talk About Blog Layouts.  What’s the Secret?

Let’s Talk About Blog Layouts. What’s the Secret?

Posted December 11, 2017 in Blogging // 25 Comments

Mes amis, you may have noticed the blog layout changed again. I know, I know!  I promised I would stop this.  I promised I would settle.  I really, really loved my header, after all, and now I can’t use it.  And what about all those pretty featured images people would compliment me on? I have a lot of reasons for switching the layout… but I don’t want to talk about my reasons. Today, I want to talk about blog layouts in general.  I want to discuss the importance of a visually appealing layout, while balancing something that is functional for you.  While I don’t […]