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Prompt:  Ritual

Prompt: Ritual

She sneezed every time the Bearer came near her with the dreaded Fire Flower.  The apotropaic ritual of creating the circle was something new to her.  For all the time she spent with Rasputin, not once did he seek to create the Circle of Protection.  Now, Amy could decide if that was a tribute to his strength, or his foolishness.  But she wouldn’t mind a little less pollen.  Her nose tickled. They stared at her, every last one of them, each time she sneezed.  It was as though the ritual needed to halt to allow her the mometn for the […]

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Did You Learn You’re Grammar?  Oops.  *Your.

Did You Learn You’re Grammar? Oops. *Your.

One of my greatest pet peeves about my best friend is that she still struggles with the homophones their/there/they’re.  She and I have come to terms with the fact that she is going to continue to use the incorrect one, and I am going to correct her.  Likely, for the rest of our lives. This is not to say that I am a grammatical genius.  I am not by any means, but when it comes to spelling, grammar, and mechanics, I do have a sense of proper usage.  Yes, sometimes I make the artistic choice to use fragments.  Sometimes I […]

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It’s incredibly difficult to make yourself write when you don’t want to. Suddenly, everything is super interesting.  Except writing.  For me, I get an insatiable urge to clean or read the news. These are things I am generally disinclined to do, but the minute writing starts to feel like homework, I am instantaneously inspired to do anything else. Which I guess in its own way is incredibly productive.  I get things done that I am procrastinating on doing because they are unpleasant, and later in the week I will probably be writing in order to avoid these things.  So it […]

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Written by:  Doctor Jekyll and Miss Hyde

Written by: Doctor Jekyll and Miss Hyde

Writing can make people ugly, especially when pushing towards a deadline.  As can anything, because human beings were only meant to tolerate a certain level of stress before they break.  Deadlines – personal or professional – can make writers turn from that happy-go-lucky imaginative, delightful person we all know we are, to an ugly tentacle-covered monster.  These night and day personalities are something that I like to call a Jekyll and Hyde syndrome, and they happen to the best of us. It starts out simple enough, just as it did for Doctor Jekyll.  We are creators, and from our minds […]

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Adding a Little “Yeehaw” to Your Characters.

Adding a Little “Yeehaw” to Your Characters.

On Sunday, I met a cowboy. For those of you who live in the New England area, you know how genuinely rare it is to meet a real cowboy up here.  I’m talking boots, heavy accent, friendly, big hat, and he just bought twenty acres over the river from us and is planning to run a horse ranch and teach Western-style riding. I think that is incredibly interesting, even though I really can’t relate to him at all, he was part of the 5% of people who talked to me at work whom I enjoyed talking to.  As most things […]

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I Don’t Feel Like Blogging Today….

I Don’t Feel Like Blogging Today….

In honor of my lack of inspired topics, as well as an incredibly busy week, I present a loving parody of Shel Siverstein’s poem, “Sick” (one of my favorites).  You can read the text of the original poem here. . “I cannot post in my blog today,” Sadly said Miss Writer Day, “I haven’t done my daily push-ups, all my fingers have little bumps, My brain is sad, my skin is dry, I can only read through one eye, I’m looking for my missing socks, My main character is eating rocks, and now she’s yelling at the queen? I think […]

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