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Reading is to Writing as Frosting is to Pop Tarts

Reading is to Writing as Frosting is to Pop Tarts

A friend of mine wrote a book recently, and self-published it.  I talk about her sometimes, because even though she is my friend, a lot of her writing-related choices baffle me.  For example, one of her beliefs is: I can write a fabulous book without reading anything.   This paraphrased comment is usually followed by some sort of exasperated sigh about how writing just “isn’t what it used to be” or “the characters are shallow and unrelatable” or some other nonsense that makes her sound pretty snobby.  Everything I have ever read screams that you need to ready like crazy […]

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Prompt:  Mister Hartford

Prompt: Mister Hartford

The rolling gardens seemed to reach their thorny branches around the black carriage as the horses slowly pulled them towards the door.  Her companion rolled out first and offered assistance, glancing nervously at his pocket watch for the twenty-third time since they left her house.  She took his sweaty hand and descended.  At best, the Manor was creepy, but that may just be an illusion cast by the unkempt gardens.  While she stared in uncomfortable awe at the wide doors and towering columns, her companion tottled ahead and pulled the doors open to his master’s house. “Come along, come along,” […]

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Pros and Cons of Beating a Dead Horse.

Pros and Cons of Beating a Dead Horse.

I have this story. I love it.  It’s my warm cozy place.  If I had magical powers, I would sculpt my characters and make them come to life.  I think that the long-term idea is brilliant.  The world in which these story is set is a refuge for me – I prefer it to real life very much.  I hate writing this story. I am tired of rewriting this story. This story has been with me in various forms since I was twelve.  Yes, that’s ten years.  This story and I have been friends for a decade.  In high school, […]

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Prompt:  Messenger

Prompt: Messenger

She stood in the doorway for a while and watched him, the sniveling idiot.  He sat on one of Papa’s least favorite chairs; Papa said you could tell a man by the seat he chose.  This chair was particularly uncomfortable and positioned in such a place that either he was completely stupid, or the young man could not see her in the doorway.  Anna rolled her eyes, lifted her skirts, and waltzed into the room with the grace that her Mama would have insisted on.  Heaven knows where her Mama was; probably looking for her, since Martha failed to retrieve […]

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Electronics suck.  And so do I.

Electronics suck. And so do I.

To the best of my knowledge, I have lost an entire chapter of Ambrosia. Okay, so two chapters in?  Not exactly the end of the world.  Granted, that also means that I have lost backup copies of all my other writing.  I’m not panicking just yet.  I do back up things, after all,  Just not as frequently as perhaps I should. Did you know that The Office of Letters and Light encourages NaNoWriMo participants to back up their work every week?  I think Tuesday is the day.  I’m a bit cocky and I never really paid attention to that, since with my […]

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Prompt:  A Rainy Night in Dusseldorf

Prompt: A Rainy Night in Dusseldorf

It was a rainy night in Dusseldorf, but then again, Mary imagined it was raining everywhere in the world.  Growing up in London had that affect on people.  Even tucked in the corner of her favorite German bakery, she found herself ignoring the steaming cup of tea and staring at the raindrops as they trickled down the glass windows outside the shop, disappearing from her vision behind trays of crullers and the red-painted letters on the window itself.  The electric lanterns on the street gave the from of the bakery an eerie glow,as though something could happen all at once, […]

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