Credit Where Credit is Due

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Images:  All blog elements have been created by The Bibliosmile or myself.  If Kat chooses to reopen for commissions in the future, I highly recommend her services.

Bookshelves on The Great Bookcase Crusade have been hand-drawn by me.

I do not get commission for purchases made by clicking a link on my blog.  I do, however, occasionally receive free books for review from NetGalley or LibraryThing Early Reviewers.  These reviews will always be clearly labeled and I will give my true and honest opinion.  Your follows and views give me the stats I need to request these ARCs, so thank you very much for your support!

GIFs are found through resources like Google Image Search, Giphy, and GIF Tenor.  I did not create nor do I own any of these.  All rights belong to the copyright holders.

All images, quotes, and cover art featured are the sole property of the copyright holders.

My blog is hosted by Bookhost and I love it – definitely recommended if you’re a book blogger looking into self-hosting.  I rely heavily on the Editorial Calendar for posting, Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin for managing my book reviews, and Book Database for backend analytics and my archive.  I love all these plugins and would recommend them highly.

If you feel like I’ve missed something there, or want to know anything else about the tools I’ve used to develop, maintain, and dress up this blog – just ask on any post and I’d be happy to answer. 🙂