The Land of Dark and Broken Things

Everything Lucy Brown imagines becomes real.

While she builds worlds and adventures in her mind, Lucy never dreamed that there was another land parallel to her own, where children like her have constructed universes filled with heroes and villains.  When she is pulled into the Dreamlands by powerful witch seeking revenge on a neighboring kingdom, her older brother dives into the rabbit hole after her.  For one sibling, the land is filled with monsters and mystery, but for the other it is a coming home.

Allies are made on both sides, and Timothy and Lucy must use every resource if they are to race the clock and stop the sister witches before the Rot spreads from the Dreamlands and into their own world.



Lucy Brown – creative, compassionate eight-year-old with a wild imagination and incredible abilities.

Timothy Brown – Lucy’s older brother and a knight of Wonderland.  He has been in the Real World since Lucy’s birth, and much of his experience in Wonderland feels like a dream.

Olive – A red-haired girl who found the Other Worlds in a dream and never returned to the Real World.  She’s one of the fiercest of Wonderland’s knights and a cunning tracker.

Cinco – Commander of Wonderland’s knights in the absence of the White Queen.

Kyzrtluthne (“George”) – A djinn displaced from his world who finds Lucy amusing and alluring and decides to join her.

Delusia – Daughter of Ozma and ruling guardian of Oz.  Well practiced in the dark arts and believes that Oz has a bright future, if only she had a little help getting it there.

Verity – Delusia’s younger sister and a seer.  She sees Lucy’s arrival in the Fairytale Forest and sets events in motion.

Mandy – A little porcelain girl whose entire village is destroyed when Lucy is deceived by Delusia.

Rumplestiltskin – Lord of the forest and master of trickery.

Alice – A curious little girl who is protecting Wonderland and the White Queen.


WIP Status:  On Hiatus – 12/12/17

This has actually been on hold for a while, but I wanted to update!  I’ll head back to TLoDaBT after I finish Ashes to Ashes,  but what can I say?  I was struck with inspiration.

WIP Status:  Rewriting – 9/16/17

I first wrote The Land of Dark and Broken Things in 2012 for NaNoWriMo.  It was a story that had been in my head a couple years, and I really enjoyed the idea that everything we imagined truly existed in another world, if you knew how to get there.  In it’s original version “‘Tweens”, the POV switched between Lucy and Timothy’s perspectives as the little girl fought to escape from the witches of Oz and as Timothy’s memory was slowly reawakened in Wonderland.  Upon revisiting it in 2017 for Camp NaNoWriMo, I had to come to terms with a few things:

  • The chapters were very short.
  • There was a lot of “oh, get on with it already!” moments.
  • The plot was weak.
  • The characters were flat.

With this new and disappointing information, I stripped the story down to its bare bones and now I am slowly working to rewrite it.  The new version consists of three POVS:  Lucy, Olive, and Delusia.  I am far more confident in this layout AND the fact I bothered to outline it first, and I’m really excited to share my writing journey.



I do like to talk about my WIPs and sometimes even make fake covers for them.  Additionally, I love using my various worlds in the Fifteen Minute Ficlets weekly meme, so if you want to read a little more about these characters and my progress, check out the links below.

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