Problematic Authors


As a part of the greater community and a member of the human race, it’s important to identify those who use their power to spread views that are exclusive and harmful.  Unfortunately, many authors, including some whose stories are dear to our hearts, have done or said something destructive to minorities or and other vulnerable parties.

I do not accept this behavior.  We must call out those authors who have created pain for both my fellow creators and other people across the globe.

I will never, never shame someone for reading a book by one of these authors.  That’s not who I am, and I understand each person’s journey is different.  I am holding myself accountable to label any author who has shown themselves to be problematic in my reviews, in order to address these unacceptable actions and make others aware of their transgressions.

This is an incomplete list.

It will grow over time, as I read more books and research more authors.  The pages linked below will be updated regularly as I come in contact with more authors and more content, so please check back for new names, research, and explanations.

I have split the authors I found into three categories:

Code Yellow:  These are authors who have written books with problematic content that have been highly criticized within the community.  These authors have not otherwise used their platforms for harmful actions (to the best of my awareness).

Code Orange:  These authors have made grave errors in judgement that have hurt individuals or members of marginalized communities.  They may also have written books with problematic content.

Code Red These authors actively use their privilege and platform to hurt marginalized individuals and communities.  They may also have made grave errors in judgement and/or written books with problematic content.

Pick Your Poison

          Code Orange Problematic Author History          Code Red Problematic Author


Please remember that the sorting of these lists are my own personal perspectives – many other people would sort these differently.  I tend to be more forgiving, which I understand entirely is largely because of my own privilege.  I highly recommend that each of you draw your own conclusions based upon the information and resources linked, as well as other material you have researched on your own.


This page was created in June 2020, so you may stumble across reviews or content on my blog pre-dating this project and without these annotations.  Thank you for your understanding.