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Not a Reader?  3 Alternate Ways to Ingest a Good Story.

Not a Reader? 3 Alternate Ways to Ingest a Good Story.

Posted December 18, 2020 in Bookish Things // 4 Comments

I used to be one of those people who would gawk at others when they said they didn’t read. Now, I understand that is a gross and even ableist reaction.  Not everyone is physically able to read, and expressing judgment or even disappointment that they do not or cannot share my hobbies is unkind and unfair.  I like to think I’ve grown as a person, and this is due largely to the community here, but also to my husband, who has never been a reader. Paraphrasing his own words, he would say that he couldn’t read because after a few […]

Ancient Ruins & an Unexpected Book: The March Wrap Up!

Ancient Ruins & an Unexpected Book: The March Wrap Up!

Posted April 1, 2019 in Checking In // 8 Comments

Y’all, I want to apologize in advance for the March and April wrap ups – Matt and I picked up the keys to our new apartment on Wednesday, so now we are 100% about moving, packing, unpacking, the works.  Nearly all my other posts for the next two months have been pre-scheduled, but the wrap ups I usually do the weekend before, because I think it’s important they’re fresh. The March and April wrap up are going to be missing some bits and pieces that take me a little while longer to go through and talk about, but I promise […]

My OTP Narrator/Book Matches

My OTP Narrator/Book Matches

Posted March 26, 2019 in Memes // 24 Comments

I am a HUGE audiobook listener – more than 2/3 of my reading the last two years has been via audiobooks.  So color me surprised when I went to review my “read by” section of my review archive, only to discover that I’ve only listened to a handful of narrators a couple times.  This post was supposed to be about ten amazing narrators, but instead, I’m giving you something else. One of the audiobook pain points that came up for the post a couple weeks ago was that a bad narrator ruins a book.  I am 100% on board with this […]

Should You Try Audiobooks?  Survey Says….

Should You Try Audiobooks? Survey Says….

Posted March 1, 2019 in Bookish Things // 9 Comments

I’ve been wanting to do a post about audiobooks for a long time. Audiobooks became a regular part of my reading rotation back in 2014.  These days, they make up most of my reading.  When I first started telling people about how much I love them, I got a lot of weird looks.  One of my more blunt friends asked, “Why would you want someone to read to you.” After that I stopped recommending them as much in person – maybe it was just a me thing? – but I’ve noticed the community shifting lately, and it seemed like a good […]

Audible Haul:  January

Audible Haul: January

Posted January 15, 2017 in Reading // 1 Comment

One of my favorite things about being an Audible subscriber is that on the 6th of every month, I get two credits to buy whatever I want.  For those of you know have bought audiobooks straight out – you know that they usually go for about $30-50/each.  My subscription lets me get them for about $11, which is fine by me!  Because I spend so much time driving each week (my activity tracker says I was in transit for 16 hours last week), these audiobooks are lifesavers to me.  I look forward to my credit drop for a couple weeks before it […]