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Three Bookstagram Accounts I Love

Three Bookstagram Accounts I Love

For those of you who have popped over to my Instagram account, you know that my aesthetic is “look what I’m reading!” book pictures, my cats, randomness, and my cats.  I am by no means a bookstagrammer.  Sometimes I’ll build a layout for lols but mostly I am lazy and don’t feel like having to clean it all up afterwards and live in an apartment with poor lighting and no dedicated space.  So there’s that. If I’m quite honest, I don’t follow a lot of bookstagram account either.  In fact, I only follow three.  I follow these three because I love […]

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Blog Spotlight:  Wonderland Recipes

Blog Spotlight: Wonderland Recipes

BEFORE YOU ALL RUN AWAY SCREAMING ABOUT HOW THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A BOOK BLOG. Every once and a while, I want to take a moment to highlight a blog that I really enjoy, think is creative and clever, or one that I just feel like sharing with you.  I was chatting in the comments of Saturday’s post about food in writing and how it is awesome, and I remembered this blog I started following a few years ago when I mistakenly believed I could food!blog (it was a terrible idea).  It was AMAZING because it combined my two […]

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