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August Wrap Up! // Featuring:  Lakes, Cakes, AND DOC BROWN!

August Wrap Up! // Featuring: Lakes, Cakes, AND DOC BROWN!

Welcome Ladies & Gents, to the August Wrap Up! August has been a busy month!  For me, there’s been vacations and birthdays and a trip to the dentist (BLECH), and a solar eclipse!  I am so so proud of myself because I have posted every day this month!  I know a lot of people are heading back to school within a week, if they haven’t already.  Can you believe summer’s almost over?  SHEESH.  I think that we all have had a crazy month, so let’s get down to it!  EXCITING THINGS ARE AFOOT, MY PHOENIX FRIENDS. No, not that kind […]

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2016 Reading Haul

2016 Reading Haul

Although this list is nowhere near complete (what with not updating reading dates on some old favorite books I reread) – here’s Goodreads’ evaluation on my books read in 2016! I always set myself a goal of 24 books – two a month – but I don’t stop there!  This year, I hope to beat 48, but we’ll see how it goes!  I’ll post again sometime this week about my favorites and least favorites of the year.

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