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Dear TBR Jar:  Send Me These 9 Books

Dear TBR Jar: Send Me These 9 Books

I have resigned myself to the fact that my TBR is eternal and there’s nothing I can do about it.  There are simply too many books out there that sound so wonderful, and life is too short… and these days, I really only have time to read on the weekends, anyway. Except for audiobooks.  With an 87 mile commute each way, audiobooks are my life.  All hail audiobooks! Because of my limited time and space, I’m supposed to be pretty strict about what I read.  I go through my TBR shelf on Goodreads in chronological order of when I added the […]

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BAM! POW! ZAP! Insta-Reads from Buzzwords – #Top5Tuesdays

BAM! POW! ZAP! Insta-Reads from Buzzwords – #Top5Tuesdays

Good morning my sweet centaurs! I bounced back and forth about whether or not I was going to participate in this week’s top five, as buzzwords aren’t really my thing.  When I think buzzwords, I think phrases like “wildly popular” and “long-anticipated” etc. etc.  Then I decided, ANY word can be a buzz word if it gives me that warm, bumblebee feeling in my bones. As always, Top 5 Tuesdays are hosted by Shanah @ The Bionic Bookworm, and her prompt is: Top 5 buzzwords that make me want to read a book. Pirate I am a sucker for pirate […]

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