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Why I Keep Planning Vacations (Even Though Travel Is Uncertain)

Why I Keep Planning Vacations (Even Though Travel Is Uncertain)

Posted January 11, 2021 in Around the World // 2 Comments

When I tell my friends or coworkers I have vacation plans for 2021, 85% of the time, they look at me as though I told them I’m a martian.  I can only imagine the thoughts going through their heads, mostly cumulating in, “Doesn’t she know there’s a pandemic on?” Oh yes, loves.  I know. The pandemic is precisely why I keep planning travel.  Well, okay – I would probably be doing this anyway, but I’m talking about it because it’s really important right now to support the things you love and travel is one of those things for me.  In particular, the type of […]

Halloween Haunts: The Headless Horseman

Halloween Haunts: The Headless Horseman

Posted October 11, 2019 in Bookish Things // 3 Comments

I love October guys.  It’s such a perfectly spooky time of year, with foggy mornings, crisp evenings, and all the leaves turn orange.  The smell of wood smoke and apple crisp… it’s truly my favorite time of year.  I do recognize some morbid irony in the fact that as the leaves are dying, I feel my most alive. Every year in October, I do a quick piece about a famous Halloween-esque figure.  In previous years, I’ve used this time to talk about Mary Shelley, the legend of Dracula, and Stephen King… this year, I want to look at the Headless […]

Hollywood Studios:  Where the Magic of the Movies Comes to Life (Disney Pt. 5)

Hollywood Studios: Where the Magic of the Movies Comes to Life (Disney Pt. 5)

Posted November 10, 2018 in Around the World, Real World // 0 Comments

If you had asked me a couple of years ago which Disney park was my favorite, I’d have told you “Hollywood Studios!” without considering any other options.  There’s a lot that Hollywood Studios has to offer:  expansions, great restaurants, classic rides… and it’s definitely made for “older kids”. It’s still a good park, don’t get me wrong.  I may be just a bit bitter, since the Time Warner Classic Movies contract ended and my favorite ride is gone.  Or because the whole park was under serious construction.  In about three years, loves, Hollywood Studios is going to be impossible.  It was […]

My Top Ten (Disney) Villains

My Top Ten (Disney) Villains

Posted October 23, 2018 in Memes // 14 Comments

Nothing makes a great story like a good villain.  Your hero can be shining and sanctimonious, but they are nothing without a good villain trying to take them down at every turn. There are plenty of great villains throughout literature and cinema, but some of the most notable villains are from Disney films.  They’re iconic!  And it’s really difficult to pick just ten because with a few notable exceptions, they’re all really enjoyable characters… or at least… characters we love to hate. So, what follows is my favorite Disney villains – either for their villain effectiveness, or because I actually […]

Animal Kingdom:  It’s Not Just a Zoo (Disney Pt. 2)

Animal Kingdom: It’s Not Just a Zoo (Disney Pt. 2)

Posted October 20, 2018 in Around the World, Real World // 4 Comments

Animal Kingdom is the Disney Park I’ve tended to skip when we were in Orlando.  I went when they first opened, but have almost no memory of the visit.  We went to Busch Gardens instead when we went to Orlando in 2013, but this time… I wanted to go to Animal Kingdom. My husband had never been, and I wanted to revisit. I am so glad we did. Animal Kingdom has its own kind of magic and vibrancy that’s different from the bustle of the other parks.  A lot of care has gone into the details – which is the case […]