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Fifteen Minute Ficlet: Sing Sweet (Winnifred leBrenne, “The Sin Series”)

Fifteen Minute Ficlet: Sing Sweet (Winnifred leBrenne, “The Sin Series”)

Her mother ran her fingers over the ivory keys with the skill and grace expected of any lady. As she watched the way her mother’s fingers glided, Winnifred took a deep, unseemly breath, and just like that, the music stopped. The lid to the piano closed, hiding the keys beneath a cover of polished mahogany. Her mother sighed one of her exaggerated sighs that could only mean the depth of disappointment her precious daughter brought to her. Winnifred leBrenne didn’t need telepathy to tell that she would never be good enough for her high-strung mother. She stood, and looked down […]

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Prompt:  A Rainy Night in Dusseldorf

Prompt: A Rainy Night in Dusseldorf

It was a rainy night in Dusseldorf, but then again, Mary imagined it was raining everywhere in the world.  Growing up in London had that affect on people.  Even tucked in the corner of her favorite German bakery, she found herself ignoring the steaming cup of tea and staring at the raindrops as they trickled down the glass windows outside the shop, disappearing from her vision behind trays of crullers and the red-painted letters on the window itself.  The electric lanterns on the street gave the from of the bakery an eerie glow,as though something could happen all at once, […]

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“Coin”:  A Piece of Flash Fiction

“Coin”: A Piece of Flash Fiction

The coin felt like hope in her hand. Jessalynn smiled as she held it flat against her palm, rubbing it’s cold, bumpy surface with her thumb.  This coin – this was the first.  When the man handed it to her, so many years ago, it felt as heavy as the burden it implied:  murder.  Now it was light, and murder was child’s play.  She stretched out her legs and flipped her hair over her shoulder, watching the black and white television screen intently. The world she had come from was much like the one she watched now.  Dirty children on […]

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“The Top of the World”: A Piece of Flash Fiction

“The Top of the World”: A Piece of Flash Fiction

  The Top of the World. Ellianne looked down from her cloud and smiled at the sparrows that were playing the grass below her.  The were little companions to her, the sparrows.  Like mice to sit in her pockets, only the sparrows were free to go where they pleased, anywhere at all.  And she would follow them.  She smiled and the wind pushed her blonde hair around her like a fuzzy scarf. She liked autumn.  It was her favourite time of year.  In fact, she liked it so much that she waiting until mid-November to fly south with the birds, […]

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“Thief in the Temple”:  A Piece of Flash Fiction

“Thief in the Temple”: A Piece of Flash Fiction

Thief in the Temple As Artemis’ moon hung big and round and orange in the sky, and Zandra hid behind the towering stone columns and glanced over her shoulders, down the steps of the temple at Delphi.  In the darkness, the streets were empty.  She clasped her hands close to her breast and felt the pounding of her heart.  It was so terrifying and different, it could hardly be her own.  She felt the eyes of Athena on her, and was unprepared for her wrath.  The Oracle was corrupt, and she took the sacrifices and indulges the people brought to […]

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“Guilty Until Proven Innocent”:  A Piece of Flash Fiction

“Guilty Until Proven Innocent”: A Piece of Flash Fiction

Guilty Until Proven Innocent As she blinked, red dots splattered across her vision from the interrogator’s lights.  Jyla kept her hands clasped to her sides.  Her interrogator faced the steel wall.  Jyla chewed on her bottom lip and watched him, waiting for him to move, listening for his breathing; waiting for any sign of her interrogator’s humanity. “Where were you first taken?” he asked a voice like snake. “Borderlands,” Jyla responded immediately.  Her instruments were destroyed when her aircraft ignited, so she had no way of giving more details.  Her interrogator did not turn to face her.  Instead, he stood […]

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