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2019: My Year in Books!

2019: My Year in Books!

Good morning everyone!  How has the beginning of 2020 gone for everyone so far?  Has everyone stuck to their New Years Resolutions?  I’m rubbish at resolutions, if I’m being completely honest, but one of my big ones this year is to take better care of myself physically – sleep, hydration, diet, etc.  I mean, most people have that, right?  Here’s hoping that I can keep to it, and you all are doing amazingly on your resolutions as well! Every year, I do a bit of a review on my blog to look at all the reading I did in the […]

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In Which It’s Too Hot, I Do Two Readathons, & I Bombard You With Reviews:  The July Wrap Up!

In Which It’s Too Hot, I Do Two Readathons, & I Bombard You With Reviews: The July Wrap Up!

Good morning everyone! I’ll be completely honest, July didn’t go quite the way I was expecting in the book department!  That’s not a bad thing, but it was different!  I was planning to join with the Camp NaNoWriMo spirit and do a lot of writing and learning about writing, and instead I ended up participating in two readathons! It’s been fun but stressful.  It’s also been hot here in New England!  The heat waves have been coming by brutally, so it’s be a good time to read. And the reading?  The reading was good this month.  I actually delayed this wrap […]

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In Which I Am Master of Everything (The Reading Rush 2019 Follow Up)

In Which I Am Master of Everything (The Reading Rush 2019 Follow Up)

AHHH GUYS. The Reading Rush was SO. MUCH. FUN. I am definitely on board to do this readathon again next year.  When I built my TBR for Reading Rush, I thought only of hardcopy books off my shelf, and as such this was the first time in ages I feel like I’ve been reading off my shelf.  Yes, I did throw War Girls in there because I felt like I still needed to follow my actual TBR a little, but otherwise?  It was just so nice to read some different books and to check off challenges and I loved it. So what […]

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Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice

Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice

Oh Anne Rice.  I have a difficult time understanding why I loved your books so much when I was in high school. Honestly?  Interview with the Vampire is just plain boring.  It is told in interview format, but 95% of the book is just Louis talking.  For as poetic a speaker Louis may be, telling your entire story in dialogue means description is sparse.  And the way Interview With the Vampire is told, it is in first person past tense so everything was reflective.  When something exciting or terrifying was happening to Louis, Lestat, and Claudia… I was just bored.  Because Louis […]

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Halloween Characters I Love

Halloween Characters I Love <3

Happy Halloween, my beautiful monsters! Do you folks have plans today?  I live in the States, and while we love the commercialization of this holiday… I’m too old to go trick-or-treating, and too lame to go to a fabulous grown-up Halloween party where there are cheesy themed drinks like Zombie Cocktails and Poisoned Appletinis.  I have a fab 1950s-esque dress I think I’ll wear to work today, but otherwise my Halloween spirit is zilch.  Which sucks because I actually adore this season… I just, you know, have no time. I’m going to take a wee break from bookish things today and for […]

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