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Book vs. Movie:  Girl, Interrupted

Book vs. Movie: Girl, Interrupted

I imagine that translating Girl, Interrupted from a series of personal essays to a full length feature film was a bit complicated.  The tone of the film would have to get Susanna Kaysen’s voice right, play proper respect to the topic, and the aesthetics of the era.  I’ve always liked Winona Ryder, and I saw the film ages before reading the book.  But I’ve also never read and watched them in close succession.  So let’s see how it does! So immediately I’m seeing detail inconsistencies.  In the beginning of the movie, Winona Ryder gives a short monologue about her condition, saying […]

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In Which It’s Too Hot, I Do Two Readathons, & I Bombard You With Reviews:  The July Wrap Up!

In Which It’s Too Hot, I Do Two Readathons, & I Bombard You With Reviews: The July Wrap Up!

Good morning everyone! I’ll be completely honest, July didn’t go quite the way I was expecting in the book department!  That’s not a bad thing, but it was different!  I was planning to join with the Camp NaNoWriMo spirit and do a lot of writing and learning about writing, and instead I ended up participating in two readathons! It’s been fun but stressful.  It’s also been hot here in New England!  The heat waves have been coming by brutally, so it’s be a good time to read. And the reading?  The reading was good this month.  I actually delayed this wrap […]

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May Wrap Up

May Wrap Up

Sometime in the midst of May, summer arrived! When I left to go to Europe, there was a snowstorm on our tail, following us from New Hampshire all the way up to Manhattan. When I came back, it was 80-degrees outside!  That, in a brief description, is New England weather.  I love it and I hate it, but overall I’m really glad to see the sunshine. Mentally and emotionally, May is a difficult month for me.  I’ll talk about that a little more later, but lets start, as always, with the books!             The breakdown: ARCs/Freebies from Publishers: The Story Girl, LIFEL1K3, […]

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The Halfway Update, Including Ragnarok & Stranger Things

The Halfway Update, Including Ragnarok & Stranger Things

Hello my beautiful people!  Happy Monday! November’s already halfway over, and for you Americans like me, we’re just a little over a week until Thanksgiving – ack!  I haven’t even gotten a turkey yet, and we’re still finalizing plans.  I’m a super organized person, but my extended family isn’t, so I’m losing my mind!  But that glorious turkey coma will be worth it in the end.  Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans is one of my top three dinners, so I’m looking forward to it. Well, I’ve been a busy bumblebee these last two weeks.  Work continues to be crazy […]

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