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OMG This Song Book Tag

OMG This Song Book Tag

I would not call myself a music lover.  I listen to stuff all over the place – I listen to Benny Goodman AND I listen to Kesha.  So.  Wide range.  But I don’t have refined tastes.  If I like the lyrics or if the song sets my heart on fire, I’m all about it.  Of course, this means that a lot of my playlists come from the top 40 for various years, then start branching out as, “hey, I like this song, maybe I’ll like more from this artist.” So wait.  Why am I talking about music? Because today, we’re […]

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Prompt:  To Be Free

Prompt: To Be Free

Jenny stood on her toes and closed her eyes.  An empty stage, threadbare curtains open.  Rudolphus was working on the light fixtures near the back of the house.  Klaus and Gina were at the piano, working on the latest song for the new performance.  It was a love song, and Jenny had heard so many different versions of it that the chords were in her veins, and every time Klaus knocked against the clunky ivory keys, something pulled in her heartstrings.  She couldn’t stop herself – she danced. She danced with her bare feet against the uneven stage, not a […]

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