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Tinfoil Hats

Posted May 4, 2013

Crazy to the bone, they said… They never gave her a chance to sing. A lark with the sweetest song, she rose up like an angel and fed off her talent like hummingbirds with nectar. Her dead doll eyes and crazy hair were statements of her impure soul and so they gave her a plastic bubble, padded walls, and encouraged her to avoid sunlight (and grandmothers, grocery stores, graduation). Because she was too good, a gleaming pearl in a rotting oyster wearing a tinfoil hat and inch-thick glasses. We can’t have that… can we?



Posted January 12, 2013

The moonlight. She whispers softly, like a song, like a melody you’ve heard a thousand times before. Weep, little sister. Cry sweet salty tears as the moon hangs in the sky, her lacy skirt torn by the wind, eyes blinded by the rising sun as she runs, hides, breaks away from the light to dwell forever in darkness. Do not be afraid for the moonlight. She disappears into the black not to cry, never to die. She will rise triumphant: a phoenix in the fire of the stars! She will forever watch over you little sister, your face echoes in […]

Prompt:  To Be Free

Prompt: To Be Free

Posted February 3, 2012

Jenny stood on her toes and closed her eyes.  An empty stage, threadbare curtains open.  Rudolphus was working on the light fixtures near the back of the house.  Klaus and Gina were at the piano, working on the latest song for the new performance.  It was a love song, and Jenny had heard so many different versions of it that the chords were in her veins, and every time Klaus knocked against the clunky ivory keys, something pulled in her heartstrings.  She couldn’t stop herself – she danced. She danced with her bare feet against the uneven stage, not a […]