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It’s Too Darn Hot: The June Wrap Up

It’s Too Darn Hot: The June Wrap Up

Posted July 5, 2021 in Reviews // 2 Comments

Truth?  I spent a lot of time in June hiding in our bedroom.  Why?  Because there’s an air conditioner in the bedroom and the temperature is lovely in there.  Honestly if we just moved the refrigerator up there, I’d never leave.  Well, almost never. Summer is not my favorite season.  I like it in theory and through windows, but as far as frolicking and enjoying the season? Ehhh, I’ll pass.  I get all sweaty and it’s icky.  If y’all haven’t figured it out yet, the only season I really like is autumn, and I adore autumn. But that’s alright, because you […]

Is Your Protagonist Worthy?

Is Your Protagonist Worthy?

Posted March 19, 2021 in Writing // 4 Comments

Lately, I’ve been wrestling with the importance – or lack thereof – of my WIPs.  I think this stems from my own existential struggles.  Why do my character’s stories matter?  Why are they worth telling?  How extraordinary does a person have to be to have a worthwhile story to tell? I struggle with this the most in contemporaries.  When I write a fantasy, I find it’s easier create extraordinary characters with extra interesting backstories, missions, and motivators.  In contemporaries… I struggle.  For example, I want to share Emma’s little corner of Vermont and her friends and her love of MMORPGs and […]

A Little Awareness, A Little Appreciation, & A Lotta Book Stuff:  January 2021 Wrap Up!

A Little Awareness, A Little Appreciation, & A Lotta Book Stuff: January 2021 Wrap Up!

Posted February 8, 2021 in Checking In // 2 Comments

Welcome to the first wrap up of 2021, where we get to look at everything that got rolling as the new year started and we can celebrate how strikingly different everything is now that it’s not 2020 anymore! I kid, of course, because we still have all the same things to work on as we did in 2020, all the same concerns and challenges and opportunities for growth.  But the psychology of hope is nice, right?  For myself, 2021 hasn’t been too bad on a personal level, and for that I’m truly grateful.  Still, there’s the continued opportunity to do […]

Election Nerves, Reading Slowly, & Pretty Leaves – My October Wrap Up!

Election Nerves, Reading Slowly, & Pretty Leaves – My October Wrap Up!

Posted November 2, 2020 in Checking In // 0 Comments

And just like that, my favorite month of the year is over.  We’re dipping into winter up here in New England – what’s left of the beautiful leaves have faded to brown, but most the trees are skeleton bare.  The air is chilly and just a few days ago, we had our first snow frosting. And so, here we are.  To quote Game of Thrones… winter is coming. Overall, it was a good month.  I had a lot more interactivity than I’m used to, particular for this year.  We had the opportunity at the beginning of the month to connect with […]

WIP Introductions:  Rhapsody in Blue

WIP Introductions: Rhapsody in Blue

Posted July 24, 2020 in My Stories, Writing // 0 Comments

Oh hello! I … allude to my WIPs a lot, but I don’t really talk about them very much?  It’s like they’re this secret I hold close to my heart, characters I’ve developed and stories I’ve dreamed up that will never completely materialize.  Sometimes, around NaNo, I talk about them a little.  But in general… they’re sweet coconut crisp secrets. Which is you know. Fine. Whatever.  Because every time I get excited enough about a WIP to talk about it on my blog, I get distracted by another shiny idea, or life, or whatever, and honestly guys I am never going […]