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Dishonor on You, Dishonor on your Cow, and Also HI!  It’s the Disney Sidekick Tag!

Dishonor on You, Dishonor on your Cow, and Also HI! It’s the Disney Sidekick Tag!

Posted July 8, 2019 in Tags // 8 Comments

You know, I have a lot of saved tags in my drafts, and they’re all super fun, so I feel like it’s time to do more than one tag a month.  🙂 For my readers in the United States, I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July last week!  We didn’t do anything much (we usually don’t) but it’s always lovely to have a day off!  The only thing I miss about the Fourth of July celebrations in my childhood is the fireworks, but alas, personal fireworks are illegal in the state of Massachusetts, so…. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Today’s tag comes from […]

My OTP Narrator/Book Matches

My OTP Narrator/Book Matches

Posted March 26, 2019 in Memes // 24 Comments

I am a HUGE audiobook listener – more than 2/3 of my reading the last two years has been via audiobooks.  So color me surprised when I went to review my “read by” section of my review archive, only to discover that I’ve only listened to a handful of narrators a couple times.  This post was supposed to be about ten amazing narrators, but instead, I’m giving you something else. One of the audiobook pain points that came up for the post a couple weeks ago was that a bad narrator ruins a book.  I am 100% on board with this […]

Anti-Valentines Day Book Tag

Anti-Valentines Day Book Tag

Posted February 5, 2019 in Tags // 5 Comments

Lots of people love Valentines Day.  They love the chocolate candies and fluttering candles and dew drop roses.  They love the batting eyelashes and sultry hushed voices over red wine.  I am so, so happy for those people… but I’ve never really been a Valentines Day person. Don’t get me wrong.  I will always accept chocolate.  But there’s a lot of pressure on this holiday on romantic gestures, and I just don’t want my relationship with my husband to hinge on that sort of pressure.  Neither of us are romantics, so both Valentines and our anniversary pass with a shrug […]

January Wrap Up:  ALL the Books Hauled, a Little Editing, and New Year Blues

January Wrap Up: ALL the Books Hauled, a Little Editing, and New Year Blues <3

Posted January 28, 2019 in Checking In // 10 Comments

I set out into 2019 with the intention to slay my reading list, and I feel like I’m at a really good spot!  I think I’m finally settling back in after destroying myself in November.  The blogs fairly well scheduled ahead, and I’m reading my ARCs more or less as I get them. Things in my blogging and bookish world are good, y’all?  I really hope this is an omen for the rest of the year. OKAY SO. Remember how in my 2019 Blogging Goals post, I spoke about how I was instituting a book buying ban on myself for 2019? Well […]

The Atlantis Complex by Eoin Colfer

The Atlantis Complex by Eoin Colfer

Posted January 19, 2019 in Reviews // 0 Comments

For as much love and praise as I give the Artemis Fowl series as a whole, I really could have done without The Atlantis Complex. Our other stories have been triumphs of good over evil. They’ve been filled with Artemis’s cleverness and Holly’s quick action, Butler’s brawn.  The comic relief characters continue to shine in The Atlantis Complex, but outside of Mulch Diggums (who is becoming one of my favorite sidekick characters of all time), this book is just… off. So lets talk about it. Artemis Fowl has decided to give up his evil ways – like, really give them up this time – […]