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The Greatest Showman Book Tag

The Greatest Showman Book Tag

tI know that The Greatest Showman came out forever ago, and I know that there are some problematic elements in the way Barnum’s character was presented vs. the actual reality, but gosh I love the music from that movie and I have had this tag hiding in my ranks since early last year.  I’ve stolen this from Scorpio Book Dreams and she has a lovely blog so please, by all means, go check her out! This tag is a mash up of two different The Greatest Showman book tags – shout out to both Irish Reader and Rachel Rexds! The Greatest Showman […]

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Introducing:  The Hardworking Creative

Introducing: The Hardworking Creative

Good morning, my lovelies! It is March!  March!  All hail the season of melting snow, Shamrock Shakes, and Caesar’s death.  March is a great month, because we’re getting a better amount of sunlight, there are more blue skies than grey, and perhaps some days the temperature will be above freezing!  Delightful! Starting fresh this month, I wanted to share with y’all a new resource for writers, musicians, artists – really anyone with a creative soul.  I was contacted by fellow blogger and writer Hailey Hudson early last month about this, and I’m super excited to share it with you all. […]

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