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The StoryGraph Tag

The StoryGraph Tag

Posted March 15, 2021 in Bookish Things, Tags // 6 Comments

Hello everyone! As you may have heard, I’m a big fan of The StoryGraph.  I love their clean design, their statistics and other various tracking resources, and their customer service.  I also really like that they are not owned and operated by Amazon!  But I digress. Here in the book community, we love book tags.  And it occurred to me… we really need a tag for this new site!  There are so many cool features and the fact that it’s literally designed to help people find new reads is screaming for a tag… because a lot of the time, book […]

Opinion:  Romance Makes the LEAST Intriguing Dystopia Plot

Opinion: Romance Makes the LEAST Intriguing Dystopia Plot

Posted March 1, 2021 in Bookish Things // 2 Comments

I’ve always loved dystopian worlds, for as long as I remember.  It’s intriguing to see the world redrafting to an “ideal” state… and then watch it fall apart.  Over the years I’ve fallen in love with dystopian novels (Fahrenheit 451, Feed, The Hunger Games) and movies (The Island is my absolute favorite, but themes from The Matrix have stuck with me just as strongly) and as I get older, I find… I’m still not sick of this genre. I’m not sick of it… but to my tastes, I’ve learned there are some plots that pull me in more than others. In January, I […]

A Little Awareness, A Little Appreciation, & A Lotta Book Stuff:  January 2021 Wrap Up!

A Little Awareness, A Little Appreciation, & A Lotta Book Stuff: January 2021 Wrap Up!

Posted February 8, 2021 in Checking In // 2 Comments

Welcome to the first wrap up of 2021, where we get to look at everything that got rolling as the new year started and we can celebrate how strikingly different everything is now that it’s not 2020 anymore! I kid, of course, because we still have all the same things to work on as we did in 2020, all the same concerns and challenges and opportunities for growth.  But the psychology of hope is nice, right?  For myself, 2021 hasn’t been too bad on a personal level, and for that I’m truly grateful.  Still, there’s the continued opportunity to do […]

The Lord of Opium by Nancy Farmer

The Lord of Opium by Nancy Farmer

Posted January 29, 2021 in Reviews // 0 Comments

  While not quite as immersive and compelling as The House of the Scorpion, The Lord of Opium continues Matteo’s story after the major event at the end of the first novel.  While the tension I remember from Scorpion wasn’t present in this book, I was nevertheless drawn in by Farmer’s unique dystopian story and Matteo’s personal journey. I think the concept is interesting – what happens when someone rises to power who wants to undo the carefully crafted dystopian world?  It’s a perspective I’ve never seen before.  The new characters introduced in The Lord of Opion hold their own against the long standing […]